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Sporting Goods Repair

Sporting Goods Services


Avalanche Tech Solutions provides service for sporting goods, whenever you need them assembled or serviced, think about Avalanche - the one place that does it all for you!

We provide Service and Installation for all sporting goods, including the following:

  • Playground installations
  • Ping Pong  Tables
  • Air Hockey Tables
  • Hockey Goals, Nets and Shooting Targets
  • Lacrosse Goal, Rebounder and Target Shot
  • Basketball nets, Basketball hoops, Rims, Nets, Gym floor standing and Portable, backboards and poolside hoops.
  • Tennis Tables
  • Darts
  • Soccer Goals
  • Bicycle assembly
  • Skateboard assembly
  • Golf swing trainers
  • Car -rack installation
  • Bike, Kayak & Storage racks

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